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We, as the Nova Tier administration team, hope that you all participate in making this Wiki a great success. We would very much hope that the entire community gets a part of this and helps out a little. Be aware that this will be monitored, watched, and constantly looked over for anything out of order. All of you guys can also help in adding pages and editing sources and such. This is a community job, and it's handled by the community mainly. Administrators, of course, are also going to be participating in this. Actively adding pages and such. So we're not going to have you do all the work!
If you guys don't know how this works entirely - everyone has the right to edit anything. Everyone can add pages, edit them, revamp them, etc. That's why this is a community job to take care of this! I hope that everyone takes the time to be a helping member and add contributions to the Wiki. You can either do it anonymously, or register an account and let everyone know who is editing and adding the pages.
Thank you all for reading this, and I hope you take the time to add some stuff! It would be a great help for everyone to pitch in their best and get this thing filled as much as possible! I would like for this Wiki to cover everything anyone will ever need. Thanks!

About Nova TierEdit

Nova Tier is an Economy server that has endless opportunities! We are growing rapidly, we welcome all our new players, no lag, and loads to do. We have fully working skills, a great amount of minigames to choose from. We have a professional, friendly staff team, a wonderful community, and a reasonable set of rules for your safety! A great skilling system, instant switching, advanced combat system, fading hitmarks, great economy; and more! There are plenty of reasons to join Nova Tier, why don't you take a look for yourself? Nova Tier is a great, well managed server. Great staff, who have been chosen wisely, to help you with any issues you may come across. Friendly players will do the same to help you out if they can when you don't have staff available. Here at Nova Tier, we care about the players. We do our best to maintain an enjoyable server for all of you! Join us today!

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